Rivers Casino & Resort

  • Client: Rivers Casino & Resort
  • Skills: Casting, Craft Services, Lighting, Logistics Support, Make-Up, On-site Support, Pre-Production Planning, Production Coordination, Project Management, Talent Coordination, Video Production Services

Project Info:

“All In” Video Production Services

RC-Van-Slycks-24.jpgWith a little over a week to go before the grand opening of Rivers Casino and Resort – New York’s newest and most advanced gaming complex – the Creative Advantage video production team was on
the floor and ready to roll. Partnering with Chicago firms Reach Creative and Greyspot Visuals, we spent three days together shooting enough new footage to fill the Casino’s advertising and promotion needs for quite some time.

It was a pretty ambitious effort and involved a lot of coordination and planning to pull it all off. There were over a dozen people on the video production crew alone. Throw in 2 makeup artists, 21 actors, a handful of account management people and client reps, and you’ve got quite a logistics handful. But everything went without a hitch – on schedule and on target. The imagery looks great, everybody’s happy and Rivers is ready to sparkle and shine in a brand new market.

And the best part? It’s all by design, not a roll of the dice.

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