GW Plastics Recruitment Campaign

  • Client: GW Plastics
  • Skills: Digital Marketing, Video Script & Production, Radio Spots, Graphic Design, OTT Streaming Video, Job Postings, Geofence Targeting, Analytics

Project Info:

A Good Problem to Have

GW Plastics faced a major challenge in attracting job seekers to fill open positions at their manufacturing sites in rural Vermont. Business was booming. The company was growing at a fever pace. Demand for products was outpacing the ability of the newly expanded local facilities to deliver the goods. And to further complicate things, the pool of potential employee candidates in these small, remote communities was dwindling.

There were lots of open positions available, but the manpower pond was fished dry.

GW needed help. That’s when the CA team came onboard with some creative thinking and state-of-the art marketing tools. We started out with a discovery phase, working with GW to figure out just how, when and where our efforts could be most effective. Then came the strategy. A solid plan to reach, attract, engage and convince candidates to join the GW team.

We quickly realized that to achieve meaningful results, our recruitment campaign had to cast a wider net, reaching into surrounding communities on a grass roots level. Across all media to the optimum target audience - high school seniors and up in strategic areas around the region.

The right message. The right place. The right time.

Our tactics incorporated both traditional media and digital (mobile and desktop) approaches that leveraged the latest technologies and techniques.

We didn’t go fishing. We went to catch fish.


  • Online Outreach and Retargeting Ads
  • Display Ads via Precise Geofence Targeting
  • Google Display & Video Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Boosted Job Postings on Employment Sites
  • Broadcast TV Commercials  
  • OTT (TV streaming services) Commercials
  • Radio Spots
  • Local Newspaper Ads

The three - month campaign hit home on every level with focused creative and solid messaging that cut through the clutter. Ads followed the audience where they were, carefully served and delivered according to the master plan – social, online, on air, streaming and traditional print.

Unique landing pages captured ad-click traffic from delivery channels to be tracked and measured. Visitors who didn't convert at first were enticed again with a different ad the next time they browsed online.

Tracking was measured and analyzed through the usual metrics:  impressions, clicks, views, and shares. And GW Plastics was always in the loop with up-to-date weekly reports on all engagement data. We conducted monthly sync-up meetings to fine tune our efforts – what works best, where are the strongest results coming from – and used that metric-driven insight to adjust advertising spend based on a channel's performance.

And it worked. Audience engagement well exceeded industry standards. Applications were received in record-breaking numbers. Website traffic increased dramatically. And maybe most importantly…new jobs were created.

Great news for the company. Great opportunities for the people of central Vermont.

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