Ascend Performance Materials

  • Client: Ascend Performance Materials
  • Skills: Art Direction, Creative Development, Messaging & Strategy, Project Management, Sound Design, Video Production Services

Project Info:

Safety. It’s Personal.

Ascent-thumb.jpgWith locations around the globe, Ascend Performance Materials is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of high-quality chemicals, fibers and plastics. And as you can imagine, at a company like Ascend, safety is always a top priority.

When it was time to kick off Ascend’s upcoming global safety campaign and introduce its new rallying cry, “Safety. It’s Personal.”, the Creative Advantage video services team was chosen to deliver the message.

Working with the Corporate Communications group and HR Department, we developed a list of messaging priorities and objectives. That lead to a series of conversational questions designed to get us the types of employee responses we were after.

Next up, organize and manage a location video shoot at Ascend’s flagship facility in Pensacola, Florida. CA’s Director and four-person crew started at the top, filming an on-camera chat with the CEO and other high-level leaders, eventually working through the ranks right down to the factory floor. When it was over, we had a powerful mix of heartfelt opinions and perspectives on the importance of safety and accountability in the workplace. Plus, we brought additional value to the on-site video production efforts by shooting a full day of high-quality imagery to spruce up the company’s corporate b-roll package.

In the end, our client wound up with a short-form promo trailer to drive awareness and excitement for the program, enough additional material to produce a longer, more detailed presentation down the road, and a collection of contemporary b-roll footage to serve the company for years to come.

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