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Website & Application Development

Whether it’s a mobile solution, website design, IoT application or an operator's HMI, the CA team can build user-centric experiences to inspire and promote interaction, productivity, insights, engagement, sharing and buying. We provide the full package of technology and creative services to drive your business ahead with high-impact, data-driven content across all media.

We offer a complete package of enhanced technology capabilities, mobile-ready design services and a seamless, branded “look and feel” approach for all your digital business needs. From electronic fulfillment logistics programs to leading-edge, scalable technology platforms, your unique business requirements drive our tailored solutions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website rankings on search engines is the key factor in driving web traffic to your online presence. Our website SEO team has the expertise to create the right balance of keywords and search terms to promote your business with a complete, proven content marketing strategy.

Content Managed Solutions (CMS)

If a content managed solution is required, we have experience in WordPress, DNN, Drupal and Joomla – and the training your team will need to continue making edits and additions to your website. We provide full support throughout every website project – including server maintenance, security updates, database evaluation and maintenance and site analytic evaluation.

Video Production

Because the Creative Advantage also has award-winning video production capabilities, we know how to best utilize those services to help your website reach a much broader audience, across a wide range of social medium platforms.

User Experience Design Methodology


A well-designed site is much more than just a “pretty face”. Our UXD team has the expertise to make your website or application stand out, and rise above your competition. 

User Experience Design (UXD) begins with understanding and strategy and ends with successful adoption and strong interactive engagement. It’s the inherent intuitiveness and ease-of-use for end users that can make the difference between a good product and a really great one.

The Creative Advantage can use a lean or very detailed approach to user experience design, an iterative process that starts long before the release of any new application, website or product. Great designs are built on insight, and by understanding our users and their domain at a deep level, we find the best opportunities to provide rich, fruitful interactive experiences.

For every website or online application we create, the Creative Advantage follows a solution development methodology.  It addresses all aspects of application design and development including: identifying the audience, company position in the marketplace, requirements definition, user needs and goal, content strategy, design, development and quality assurance, as well as non-development tasks such as systems, software and technology selection, production, management and workflow. 

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