Integrated Marketing

From strategy to implementation.
CA Integrated Marketing


We offer a rich mix of integrated marketing products and services that reach across media channels to complement, unify, promote and achieve the communication objectives of our clients on all levels.

It’s about creating a strategy to optimize results and leveraging all the right tools to get the job done – effectively and efficiently. Touch points and opportunities-to-influence present themselves at different times, in different places and in different ways. A well-executed integrated marketing plan takes advantage of every one of them.

Personalized email promos can serve as a great introduction. Include a brief video to entertain or inform and you can create value and a good reason to share. Follow up with a clever direct mail piece – maybe something in 3D or a custom fold – and that first impression just became a lasting one. And if you’re trying to build a brand that stands out and sticks, package it with a custom app that engages the user time and time again. Anywhere. Anytime. On any device or platform.

That’s the beauty of integrated marketing.

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